Saturday, 17 January 2015

Contemporary Quilt Group - 2015 Challenge

My copy of the CQ group journal has arrived and with it the details of this year's journal quilt challenge.  As a new member of this group I haven't taken part in the challenge in previous years but this year I am tempted.
The commitment is to make a quilt each month, 6" x 12", and to decide now whether they will all be landscape or portrait orientation.  My tendency is to start things with enthusiasm and trail off so I am giving themes and styles a lot of thought before I sign up.
When I did my annual new year tidy up in my sewing room I decided to use this wall hanging, made in 2008, to (almost) hid a multitude of sins in my room and so I could enjoy it again.  This is an early piece in my quilting life and full of a multitude of sins itself but I was pleased with it and still like it.  
Interestingly, I think if I was to remake it today I would do something very similar in idea, although it would definitely be hand quilted and have more stitchery than this has.  I know I was trying to do too many things with this piece, responding to a complicated idea rather than taking one part or theme to explore
This piece is, however, true to my likes, styles and techniques and I find it amusing that I have often concerned myself with finding my "style" when it's been there all the time!
So, back to the quilt challenge - watch this space!!


  1. I havn't done the Journal Quilts for a couple of years either Lis and I did say that would give them a go this year but now I'm not too sure. You have the right idea I think in exploring possibilities and ideas before committing. I would have liked it if we could have maintained the orientation through three quilts and then had a change if we wanted but I suppose that's the whole point of a challenge, it's challenging ;-) Have fun deciding!

  2. PS I like your quilt, it's very impressive for an early piece especially with the irregular edge.

  3. Isn't it amazing to make that discovery, that you have know all along what your style is?!
    What we might really benefit from when trying to find our style (before we know we already have it) is the various techniques and how to make things simpler, more accurate, sturdier or faster. So learning new things is never wasted.
    The quilt is beautiful, and yes, very much YOU.

  4. Love the colours and textures in your quilt, Lis. I'll be interested to see what you do for the challenge.


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