Sunday, 24 April 2016

A Little Indigo Finish

Thank you dear readers for your support for my boro project.  Today I have put it aside for the day because I need to buy some of that lead-filled tape to weight the bottom, so I have finished a much smaller project.
It's a little mat/runner for my bureau of treasures.  I am trying to be fairly minimalist but want to enjoy those few little pieces that I have, some of mine, some from Mummy and Daddy's,
(and keep an eye on them so that they don't multiply as little pieces are wont to do).
And while I am having a little indigo fest I saw these:


  1. The indigo table runner is certainly one of your treasures!

  2. What a lovely piece, well done Lis!

  3. A wonderful table runner and an amazing pair of boots

  4. the runner is perfect, love the sewing machine. My little pieces have just multiplied, gasp! that's what a trip to Japan will do.


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