Saturday, 4 June 2016

Boro in Position

Today we finally got my beautiful indigo textile in position on the bedroom wall.
I am really pleased to be able to appreciate it and give it a new life.  I used a few leftover pieces to make coasters.
I can sleep surrounded by soothing blue and white.


  1. Looks beautiful, Lis and very restful.

  2. wow Lis, looks fantastic. Sweet dreams,enjoy.

  3. Blue and white, one of the best colour combinations in the world, and so universal, too. The wear and tear of the boro adds to the beauty.

  4. Yes beautiful. What is it about indigo?

    1. As Queeniepatch says indigo with white is a wonderful colour combination, and found the world over. Indigo itself is magical and such an easy colour to live with I think.

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  6. I love all the recycling of this striking cloth. The blues are so beautiful and I think the results are great.


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