Sunday, 4 September 2016

Gentle Stitching

Today I have begun work on a printed panel I bought in Japan in 2009.  Just gentle hand stitching, very relaxing.  I am in the process of deciding to make another trip to Japan, hopefully next year, so the contemplative sewing is perfect.  Hoping the weekend has been good for you all. It's back to school for children (and teachers) this week.


  1. oh wow, back to Japan. Wonderful. Love the stitching.

  2. What fabric is that? Cotton? With gold print?
    You are turning the pine needles into interesting flowers!
    Back to Japan? More and more visitors come from overseas, so if you are planning to stay at Sawaya Inn, book early!

  3. I often have fun with those panels too. I think I have a few waiting in the wings to become table runners. It sure would be great to see you again. Keep us posted.

  4. Is it really 7 years since you were in Japan?! Oh my! A return trip would be wonderful for you.


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