Monday, 26 September 2016

Travel Update

Decision made.  I am making a return visit to Japan!

I had a long chat with Jill Clay of Festival of Japan when I was at Festival of Quilts in August, and since then I have studied the website, asked a lot of questions, considered my finances and tried to persuade dearly beloved that he would enjoy a textile-based trip to Japan!  Al decided against the trip, I think he would rather make another visit to New Zealand, but I really want to go, and Jill's itinerary sounds fantastic, plus she only has small groups, so I've reserved my place on the Autumn Maples and Textiles visit in 2017.

I'll have thirteen nights based in Kyoto with a host of activities and visits that I'm sure I don't have the connections or the language skills to arrange for myself.

It's a long way off and I don't have exact dates yet but when I do I will decide whether to extend my trip and visit friends in Tokyo.  I've also sent the details to my sister, now she is no longer teaching she has time to travel and I think she might be up for the trip.  Golly, could we share a bedroom again, it's been about 50 years!!?

Before then, however, Al and I have had 25 years together and it's time to celebrate.  We're soon taking off for a lazy holiday in Akumal Bay, Mexico.


  1. You ARE a globetrotter! There are lots of things to see in Kyoto so I am sure it will be a great trip.

  2. Wow - Mexico and Japan! Happy 25th Anniversary from us.
    We are travelling too - currently at Brisbane, Australia, after a wonderful trip up the middle of the country on the Ghan train.
    happy travels to you.

  3. happy anniversary, have a great holiday. Japan trip sounds exciting, lots of time to plan and think about it - all part of the fun.

  4. What a wonderful trip to look forward to, Lis! I hope you're enjoying your current adventure too. The photos on FB look fantastic.

  5. Hello ! Lis - san !! Konnichiwa !
    I bumped into several English tourists who were from Nottingham at the Sashiko shop, " Kuu Home " in Tokyo ( Yanaka ), Japan today !!
    They were very interested in Sashiko.
    And I talked about you and your Blog to them :-)
    Tourists have increased in number here.
    I do hope you will come again !!

  6. Good for you! And your holiday pics on Facebook are looking amazing!!!


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