Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Christmas Crafts

What a smashing day Country Roads Quilters had with Debbie Mitchell yesterday when we created various Christmas craft items as well as enjoying beautiful, home-cooked food and great companionship.  It couldn't be called a workshop, more a funshop.

My favourite item of all we made was this frosted candle holder with stencilled stars and a tree silhouette painted in acrylic paint.

I was concentrating so hard on book folding that I didn't even notice that Debbie took a picture of Trish, Fenella and me (and our rather messy table).  Those are some of Debbie's paintings on the wall.
Using felt we made three dimensional tree, bell or bauble-shaped decorations.

All that concentration and book folding resulted in this candle ornament.  I have a tea light in it for the photograph but that will be replaced with a battery-operated light for Christmas, I don't want all that work to go up in smoke!


  1. What a wonderful day you had - very productive. The items all look very achievable and simple to make - such fun. Bet the food was yummy too. Looks like your Christmas is well in hand. All I've done is purchase my bulk mince for all my pies.

  2. Very jealous! Looks like a great day and very productive!!!

  3. Fantastic ornaments. I love the 3D and the 'burning book'.

  4. looks like a fun day with some very crafty ornaments.

  5. Looking at your progress toward Christmas, I feel farther behind than ever. Great job!


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