Thursday, 17 November 2016

Mummy's Stitches

Just three pictures today. 

I have now removed all the "papers" from Mummy's quilt, except those on the very edge.  I have been struck with how much Mummy's stitches have varied.  I know my own stitching varies, the stitches usually getting larger as the day goes on.  

Mummy could be described as a perfectionist in many things, and was a beautiful watercolourist, yet her stitches could be quite erratic.  

A friend at Country Roads Quilts this week summed it up by saying she was "just getting the material sewn together".  The quilt is typical of the origins of quilting, made up of what was available and stitched together to provide covering and warmth, quickly.  I remember Mummy saying she didn't intend the quilt to cost her a penny.  Some hexagons are tacked with up to three pieces of cotton so I think she must have been recycling thread as well as fabric.  

I can imagine some of the stitches done at leisure, some in poor light, some maybe in anger for some reason.  My sestra wondered whether we should remove the papers in order in case there was a message in them.  No message, as such, but those stitches seem full of life and meaning.


  1. How lovely to be able to finish your Mum's quilt, Lis. I can see the differences in the stitches. Are you going to finish it so that it doesn't cost you a penny? Challenging.

  2. I am sure many quilts are full of 'emotional stitching'. Why not? Even if quilting is a hobby, of course we can feel frustrated with the quilting, or work when we are frustrated about something else.
    Enjoy and treasure completing this quilt, and if possible, in a way it won't cost you a penny!

  3. It's interesting you should say that about your mother's stitching. I was given a hexagon quilt by a friend who was going to throw it out and its stitching was very utilitarian in places. She had stitched it while her husband slept after night work when she couldn't do any noisy work. Similar to your mum I am sure her emotions, poor light, and every day life are stitched into the fabric. Sadly I won't finish her quilt top. I made her a pillow from part of it, the part with her wedding dress material in it, and the rest waits for inspiration.

  4. what an emotional journey you are on finishing your Mom's work, a treasure filled with memories when finished.

  5. How lovely that you are there to adopt it - so many go to landfill!

  6. A great treasure. So many memories


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