Tuesday, 13 October 2009

How Sashiko Started It

I did a sashiko taster workshop in Norfolk last weekend and am absolutely hooked.  I have always had an interest in things Japanese but no great understanding of the country, the culture or the people, and as for the language....
My little piece of sashiko was designed by the worskhop tutor, Jenni Dobson, herself a veritable expert on things Japanese, and is a little pin cushion with a furoshiki - a wrapping cloth -  which has been stitched in sashiko - little stabs - style. It is a long way from perfect but I am delighted with it.
I am at last fulfilling an ambition and visiting Japan.  We are staying in Tokyo next year and it will only be a taster visit but I'm very excited about it and want to make the most of it.  This blog is the story of both my trip to Japan and my journey with Japanese textiles.

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