Sunday, 18 October 2009

Stitch In Kyme

I had an unexpected trip to a quilt exhibition yesterday, courtesy of Trudi who mentioned it on Facebook!  Alan was up for it, thinking there would be cake, and it was at North Kyme, so not a very long way from home.  The quilts were exhibited in the small local church and there was an impressive array of work, lots of different styles of quilt and a good variety of other crafts too.  There was a section on the Amish, with fabric dolls making up an Amish family and some lovely fabric Advent calendar hangings.  There were maybe too many quilts on display as the church is small and some of them had to be draped over the pew backs making them difficult to appreciate but I'd rather there were too many than too few!  In the village hall there was a trader from Ruskington, raffle stall, selling stall - where I bought a gorgeous book cover - and several demonstrations taking place.  I had a lovely chat with Brenda who was working on a wholecloth and she generously gave me some tips and encouraged me to try it - starting with a cushion rather than a kingsize quilt maybe!  All in all, a very good exhibition (it's on today, Sunday, as well), well done to Stitch in Kyme.

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  1. I'm so pleased you enjoyed it, the standard of work is so high there, and they are all so friendly. I managed to catch up with another blogger, Tina (Sweetiepie50) which was wonderful!


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