Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Chilford Autumn Quilt Show 2

Okay, here's what I came away from Chilford with (plus a few things from Euro Japan Links which you can see at the end of the post here).
Inspiration from nature.  The trees have been really stunning this year.  This one was in the grounds of Chilford Hall and I can see how it could easily become a quilt design...
New thimbles.  One soft leather one and one adjustable metal one with a gap for my finger nail.  I'll let you know how I get one with them.  I also stocked up on bobbins and was tempted by this small OTT light which I'll clip on my shirt to illuminate my work as the evenings get darker.  I'll be able to sew in front of the fire with my beloved rather than locking myself away in my sewing room.
These books were a special promotion.  The top one I'll be lending to my friend Georgie as she is experimenting with quilting using a variety of textural stitches.
This gorgeous fabric was from Monkey Buttons and I'm going to make a bag from one of their patterns.  Something else to add to my to do list!
 Lovely textured silks from The Silk Route (who now have an online shop).
 I love the feel of these beautiful Liberty lawn fabrics, so soft.
Re-cycled Liberty fabrics from Kim Porter at worn and washed - lovely things.


  1. Recycled fabrics - my favourite kind!
    I'd be interested to know how you get on with the clip-on light. I was thinking of getting a lamp but this would be much more suitable if it works well.
    Teresa x

  2. Lots of nice things here Lis. Do let us know what you are going to make with the Liberty fabrics. I have had a small stash of Libertys for some time and really should do something with them. But what? This fabric is so much finer than quilting fabric - applique perhaps?

  3. Lot's of yummy fabrics there, I was having a clean out this morning and found our fabric still sitting in a corner;o) Perhaps next year(after the silly season)we can set ourselves to the task!

  4. OooH,thank you Lis I look forward to having a look at that book!
    I'm thinking of experimenting with different stitches on a book cover?as a start!
    Georgie xx

  5. Those LBs are so pretty! I've never seen them here in the states. That silk is gorgeous too!


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