Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Giveaway Question Two

What a difference a few days makes, oh and a four hour flight!  Well done to everyone who said I was in Morocco, and especially to Jenni and Paula who were very specific and said, correctly, that I'd been in Marrakech.
So after enjoying the sunshine (even though the nights were chilly) in Marrakech, we are now snowed in here in Lincolnshire.  My daughter was planning to come over to see us but thought better of it (for which I'm very thankful) and took Sam for a walk in the snow instead.  She sent these lovely photos:

I had a great surprise with the postman today (who got through the snow somehow) - this wonderful parcel of gorgeous fabric, a magazine AND chocolate from Cara.  Thank you Cara, it made my day.  Please pop over to say hello to Cara, she could do with a hug and is also planning a big sale of fabric.
I've been finishing off my projects for Christmas swaps.  They are all packaged up and should be in the post by tomorrow.  I'm not sure this is going to be possible.  Not only is the Post Office uphill from our house but we can't actually get the car out of the driveway at the moment because of the snow.  As soon as it's possible I'll get the goodies in the post.
This brings me neatly to Giveway Question Two.  There's no right or wrong answer this time so everybody who comments (and leaves a way for me to contact them if they win) will have an entry in the giveaway for my 200th blog post.

Giveway Question Two
When you are in a block swap (or similar) what extra goodies do you include with the finished block / and like to receive with the blocks that come to you?


  1. I always include chocolate. Who doesn't like chocolate? lol!

  2. Always chocolate and a postcard of a local scene

  3. Chocolate is always a good bet and something local is good, especially if it's going a long way. I've never done a swap though - how do you find out about them?
    Teresa x

  4. Definitely Chocolate! And always a card. There seems to be a recurring theme going on here Lol!
    Love the pictures of Sam and the snow.

  5. A local postcard and something to do with sewing. I don't send "food" to other countries because I'm never certain what is allowed and I don't want my package ripped open.

  6. A note with some information about the person and where they live. A little sewing related goody is always nice. Postage is so expensive that I try to send smaller things rather than larger.

  7. Hooray for Holiday! I've always wanted to go to Marrakech, I can just imagine the smells of the markets and the spices :-) Love the snow pictures, Adorable! Kids don't feel the cold do they! I usually put in some little sewing item like nice ribbon or buttons or a little brooch or something small I'v made and of course chocolate if the swap in local....gotta have chocolate!!
    Loving the christmas background of robins and snow :-)

  8. Chocolate, Chocolate and more Chocolate!!!!. I also like to include things that relates to my country , be it NZ designed fabric, magazine, embellisment stuff and note paper. Then on the receiving end I just love what ever is sent as its always a surprise and is rather exciting to get in the post.

    Yvonne, the ragpicker

  9. as i'm an avid stamper I try and include a set of cards and a little quilted extra to add a surprise element ot the package. I would include chocolate if it's internal to NZ, but like Teresa wouldn't like my parcel been opened overseas.

  10. I try to include a repro fabric from my stash and a pice of Australian Fabric oh and I have put in some of our gorgeous local chocolate :-)

  11. I haven't done any swaps yet but Chocolates are always welcome in any package :)


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