Sunday, 7 November 2010

Treasures of Yamagata

I have been to the Autumn Quilt Show at Chilford, Cambridgeshire, today and particularly enjoyed two collections of quilts on display.  First, the Treasures of Yamagata and secondly, the Oriental Fabric Competition entries on the theme of Cherry Blossom and Maple Leaves.  Today I'll share the Treasures of Yamagata, the notes come from the exhibition labels.

Treasures of Yamagata was a collection of quilts created by the Peaceful Heart Quilt Group in Yamagata Prefecture in north-east Japan.  They were set a challenge by Susan Briscoe who also provided three challenge fabrics.  All the quilts illustrate the natural beauty of the area where the quilters live.  It is a major rice producing region with both coast and mountains to inspire.

Sankyo Soko (Rice Warehouses) by Sato Seiko.

I love the cranes, individually appliqued, flying along the river.

Sennen Noki (A Thousand Year Old Tree) by Sakuraba Aiko

This ancient tree stands on Mount Chokai, the fifth highest mountain in Japan.

HaguroZan (Haguro Mountain) by Domon Reiko

I love the movement the three-dimensional applique cherry blossom gives to this quilt.  2446 stone steps lead to the top of this mountain, passing shrines, this waterfall and other holy sites.

Map of Yamagata by Ishikawa Keiko

I had seen this quilt in magazines but didn't realise until seeing it today, in the flesh as it were, that the pieces making up the map are all created with sashiko stitches.  This style is Yuza sashiko on the traditional very dark indigo blue background.  Here's a close-up:

Isn't it wonderful?

Yamadera (Mountain Temple) by Domon Koto

This quilt also included Yuza sashiko, on the paths and the mountain peaks.

Shonai Obako (Shonai Maiden) by Ikeda Chie

The maiden is dressed using the actual fabrics of the working clothes of farmer's wives.  The face mask (hankotanna) and the hand covers (tebukuro) protect the skin from the harsh weather and maintain the beauty of the maiden.  This quilt also included Yuza sashiko:

Later this week I'll post my photographs of the Oriental Fabric competition entries.


  1. How beautiful. thanks for sharing. I have a link with photos from the Houston quilt show, that I attended this week, on my blog. So if you're interested, hop on over.

  2. So pleased you enjoyed these quilts! I've set two more challenges, so look out for other quilt series from Peaceful Heart Quilt Group/Yuza Sashiko Guild in future.

  3. Thanks Lis, they are all gorgeous quilts and story behind them. I particular like Sankyo Soko (Rice Warehouses) by Sato Seiko. I have one of her book. I see Deanna is your friend too. She's my very good friend I met in one of Jude's workshop.


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