Thursday, 2 August 2012

A Gift in the Post

Well isn't it interesting how things turn out?  A little while ago Visit Japan from the UK posted a giveaway on Facebook of little mobile phone cleaners.  I fancied one and sent in my details.  Today I have received a package from the Japan National Tourism Organisation containing loads of tempting maps and brochures plus, not a phone cleaner (they quickly ran out when they received 280 applications within the first hour) but this:
They said they didn't want to disappoint applicants who didn't get in soon enough and so found other things to send.  I am delighted!  Inside the little glass bottle on the keyring are grains of Star Sand from Iriomote Beach in Okinawa.  Here is a link to the legend of how these came to be created:
and while I was Googling "Star Sand" I found the science bit:
Who knew there was a sand atlas?  Cool.
I love walking on the beach and am one of those people you see with head down, scanning the sand or rocks for little treasures. 
 DS in Norfolk, like Mother, like Son!
There are laws about what one is allowed to remove from a beach (sometimes nothing can be taken in which case I will take photographs) but if I can I collect a souvenir from beaches I visit.  I was over the moon when I found my Indigo Sisters collecting pebbles while we were out and about in Japan.  I had taken them all a little sea-polished carnelian from "my" beach in Norfolk.  I'd hesitated over sharing them in case they thought it was daft, as soon as I saw them collecting I knew they'd love the little gems - and they did!
Thank you JNTO, you made my day!


  1. As you no doubt guessed I too love walking on the beaches. I have quite a collection of shells and tumbled glass which are on display in my bathroom

  2. Yes I can relate to walking along the beach with my head down too although there is only so many shells you can have in house isn't there. Love those little star sand grains. I had never heard of that beach before and shared with my girls.

  3. He he that would be me too...:O)

  4. How lovely. And confession - I'm another who walks the beach looking down!

  5. And so am I, pity that I was not allowed to take back the beautiful shells of Sri Lanka! The Okinawa beach sand is marvellous, I never heard of it before.


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