Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Pojagi and Basins

I've been a terrible blogger recently and have only just caught up with your lovely comments and emails on my recent posts, thank you one and all.  Hetty sent me a link from that I thought I'd share with you, especially those of you who appreciated my not strictly correct pojagi seams.  This shows you how to do the seams properly.  The text is in Japanese but the diagrams are excellent.  Click on the orange box at the bottom right of the first page to continue.

DH got the all clear from the doctors and is off on his trip to New Zealand tomorrow and I will have two months of me-time when I will hopefully get a lot of sewing, blogging and reading done as well as a little gardening if I have energy left.  Speaking of reading, have you discovered Good Reads ?  DD put me onto it. Instead of writing lists, or forgetting what I've read, I now add my books to these virtual bookshelves and also get books recommended based on my reading preferences.  Thank goodness the site doesn't have a direct link to Amazon!
Normal blogging service will be resumed as soon as possible and here's a little something to make you smile - the handbasins in Dobbies garden centre in Peterborough:


  1. What fun those hand basins are, I would like one in my house!
    Two months sounds like a long time but I'm sure it'll go pretty quick. The weather is getting warmer and the days a little longer here in NZ, we are finally starting to dry out after all the rain we've had this winter...:O) Safe travel Al
    Hugs and Blessings to you both

  2. Love the sinks, now off to follow the links. Hope DH as a great time and that you don't miss him too mch x x

  3. freedome uh Lis, use it wisely it goes terrible fast. Thanks for the link, too late I did it my way.

  4. Those basins are very decorative, I wonder who is producing them (I worked for the ceramic industry for 20 years).
    Thank you for the link about bojagi, the examples shown are certainly more professional than my attempts!

  5. great bojagi links, not sure they will work with handwoven fabric. will try when I'm doing some silk. I want one of those sinks - think Bryan should have one to go with his fancy toilets!!


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