Tuesday, 4 September 2012

My Next Big Project

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I am assembling some information and ideas for my next big project - a Double Wedding Ring quilt for my DS and DDiL to be.  I have until April 2013 to get this one done - sounds like a long time, famous last words!
I am terrified of this pattern but it has to be DWR doesn't it?  At the weekend I visited my LQS and ordered a template set - they don't have them in stock as Barbara explained, they are expensive and hardly anybody does DWR these days!  Alarm bells.
I have looked at Susan Stein's book, Double Wedding Ring Quilts-Coming Full Circle, and am inspired by her ideas although I know David and Jessica would like a very traditional look to their quilt, as if Jane Austen herself had stitched it ;-)
I am definitely doing a trial run of this pattern and would appreciate any advice that fellow quilters can offer.
This DWR is from McCalls quilting


  1. Sorry Lis I can't offer you any advice on this one.
    Hope Al had a safe journey.

  2. Brave girl! I haven't made a DWR - but often foundation piece curved blocks...usually on paper. I'm sure that you'll be fine once you start (but 6 or 7 months doesn't sound long, to be honest, but I guess it depends on how much time you can spend each week on it!). Good luck!

  3. Did they choose the DWR quilt pattern themselves? It's just you mentioned that they would like something very trad, 'as if Jane Austen herself had stitched it', and DWR is an early c20th pattern - I don't think there are any pre 1900 DWR quilts. If they want something that's early c19th, a medallion quilt would be the way to go. A lot easier for you too than a DWR! I'm saying this because if anyone asked me to make it, I'd try to get off the hook ;-)

  4. I have made a double wedding quilt using the templates.The ring I did were solid colour with the to centre ones of a darker shade.I ill try and find the photos and up lode them on my site.How long do you have to make the quilt.

  5. From the comments above it seems that you are undertaking an epic enterprise, good luck. And congratulations for the marriage!

  6. Not something I have ever done Lis, so no help from me. However now that you have set your mind to it I know it will be beautiful when finished.

  7. ooh! sounds like this project will keep you out of trouble for some time. my sister and I had matching DWR quilts when we shared a room. when we left home mother gave them away - ouch.


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