Tuesday, 25 September 2012

A Patchwork of Sorts

Daddy made me this "patchwork" box and I have filled it with what I hope will be cosy bedding for all the little helpful minibeasts that need some protection over the winter.  If I don't get any tenants I think the box makes an attraction addition to the garden anyway.
I'm also in the process of making cosy bedding for Sal and her DH who arrive on Thursday.  Sal is one of the Global Piecers and was my first swap partner in Fiona Marie's Great Global Christmas Swap, I'm very excited about meeting her in real life at long last.  I'm just hoping she's started to acclimatise to our Autumn temperatures, it's a bit cooler here than in Australia.  Watch this space, there will be photographs taken!


  1. I like how the space is used and how each portion is different from the next one. You are right, it is very attractive and it is a nice addiction to your garden.
    How exciting to finally meet someone that we got in contact with online! It happened to us also, remember?

  2. love the patterns and the soft muted colours, hope the critters appreciate it.


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