Sunday, 23 September 2012

Wedding Quilt Update

A frost yesterday morning, brrr, time to starting lighting the fire, in the evenings at least.

I've finished the indigo quilt, with the addition of little tassels and buttons on each corner.  Judi, the close-ups are especially for you :-)
Now for an update on the wedding quilt.  I had determined to do Double Wedding Ring, with some trepidation.  I have allowed myself, not unwillingly, to be talked out of it, on the grounds on time restraints, non-authenticity with the Jane Austen period, limitations of quilting possibilities, difficulty and fiddliness (is that a word?), boredom of repeating the same block again and again - you can see it didn't take much to persuade me.  I have, however, found a DWR design fabric (from Red Rooster, one of the Elm Creek Quilters' fabrics) that I will incorporate into the quilt which will now be a Medallion design.  The central block will be a True Lovers' Knot, in bias tape Celtic knotwork style.  I have some planning to do but am making progress and will go fabric shopping very soon.  I need to get started, April will be here very soon.


  1. I loved seeing your indigo quilt in the flesh!! It was fantastic. With the rain and wind coming time to stay home and stitch!

  2. Lis, in spite of saying you have dropped out of TAST you are in fact taking part. In your beautiful indigo quilt you have used several TAST stitches.
    What a clever idea to use a DWR print + a lovers' knot design with bias tape for the central motif. There will be a lot of LOVE in this quilt.
    Happy fabric shopping!

  3. It's so lovely Lis, well done! Good luck with the wedding quilt...:O)

  4. Oh Lis, that's turned out really well! Good call of the wedding quilt, the new plan sounds much better!

  5. Lis this is gorgeous. I like to see more please. So inspiring, I have to do something with my indigo too - Hugs Nat

  6. Hi Lis.. I think a few indigo bugs will nest in your cool winter bug bed and come out in spring and bite you more. Be careful of that indigo known cure.

  7. Sorry for the delay , Lis. Have been away for a week indigo dyeing with no wifi and no sim in my iPad! The twitching looks fantastic. You must e very proud.


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