Thursday, 13 September 2012

An Almost Finish and Blue Books

I haven't quite finished it - just the binding and label to do - but I wanted to show you the small quilt I made with the pieces of fabric I dyed in indigo at Fenland Textile Studio last weekend.  I don't like having piles of sample pieces around, I would rather make something with them and so I stitched them together and then hand quilted them.  Angela showed us a quilt she had made which was my inspiration, although hers was properly planned and executed and she used a stunning red fabric to contrast with the indigo.  I kept to the blues and used the lace I dyed, plus threads and buttons I dyed to add to the textures.
I'm nursing a sore throat this week but it's okay because I have a good book on the go and these arrived this morning so I won't be laid up with nothing to read. 
I'm currently reading "Footprints in the Snow" by Kenjiro Tokutomi and last night read this lovely paragraph that took me back to the teaching and ethos of life at the Best Exotic Indigo Hotel:

"Then there were the silkworms.  When I came to stay they had just finished with the summer batch.  The droppings had been collected for manure, the remains of the mulberry branches they had been feeding on swept up and tied into bundles for firewood, and the egg-cards for the second hatching hung from the ceiling in an airy room in the house; all day long you could hear the creaking of the reeling-machine in the newly built silkworm shed."

No silkworms here but I do have these wonderful pure white gladioli :-)
Wishing you a good weekend.  It's very autumnal here, it was a chilly 5C last night apparently, brr, time to get out the woolly socks I think.


  1. It looks fabulous Lis, you have been busy...:O)
    Hope you sore throat doesn't hang around too long, but at least you have some books to keep you company!

  2. good heavens liz- you have been busy lovbely piece of work you clearly had a good time on saturday,,,

  3. What a delightful piece. Congrats. You certainly haven't been sitting on your hands while home by yourself. Enjoy those books. I ave 3 of them in my library too

  4. Very nice tribute to your indigo activities. Please take care and enjoy the reading. It has been a very long time since I read some of those books. I'd almost forgotten.

  5. The quilt looks lovely. Enjoy cuddling up under a larger one ith your books, today looks very autumnal!

  6. What a good idea to use the samples in tris way. I usually store samples in a box, which means that I do not see them and I do not enjoy what I made.
    Hope you recover soon, in London is chilly too.

  7. If you want, you can get some of our heat and humidity! You are MORE than welcome!
    I hope your throat is better now and that you have enjoyed your books.
    It is an impressive collection of patterns in your indigo dyed fabric. Well done!

  8. lovely way to enjoy your samples, seeing them like that may spark new ideas. enjoy the books. we are having an unusual and glorious late summer.


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