Sunday, 30 September 2012

A Day Out with the Gypsies

At last I met my friend  Sal and her DH Murray.  We've had a few days of good food, laughter, shopping (fabric, antiques and charity shops) and some interesting trips out in my locality.  Does anyone else not visit their local attractions until they have house guests?  Sal wanted to visit the Romany Museum near Spalding, I'd never been!!  We had a fabulous time, what a place.  Gordon Boswell, a Romany, and his wife have put together a fascinating collection of memorabilia including some wonderful gypsy caravans - vardo.  Gordon is the custodian of his family's history and a promotor of the lifestyle and culture of the Romany.  He has so many stories to share and the most wonderful moustache!  There was even a quilt!  It was made by a lady who have enjoyed her visit to the collection and features the flags of all the countries where there are gypsies, and the names they are known by.  Here is a selection of my photographs, including one with Sal and here's a link to the museum's website: Boswell Romany Museum


  1. Wonderful photos.I to do not go around unless I have someone to share it with but have decided to now do thing when I want rather than waiting for Friends .I have wasted time in the past, not any more.

  2. Wonderful museum, Lis. The richness of the insides, The colours, patinas and textiles is very inspiring for those of us who love textiles. It's the way I'd love my house to look but will never get there.Thanks for sharing these great photos.

    1. The original RV, (recreational vehicle) So beautiful so richly decorated. I do wonder what their life style was like. So happy and jealous you get to spend time with Sal and Murray. Love to all. Twila

  3. Oh Lis, wish we knew about this place on our trip to UK! Did you know I have a little Romany Gypsy blood. Seems a dark dashing man married my g-g-grandmother way back when!

    Guess that's why we have a caravan.

  4. Oh what a great museum. I love the caravans, they look so well designed, thanks for taking us with you

  5. PS I've got to stop spending so much time on blogs, so as you have [Goggle Plus] there will be times when I hit that rather than actually comment. The + will translate as " I came, I read, I had to dash, but I did enjoy the visit". I hope you're ok with this, and obviously understand when you do the same :-)

  6. Doh, you havent got Google +, ignore the earlier message!

  7. A coffee sometime sounds good Lis,it would be nice to catch up ;-) x

  8. Looks like a fantastic museum - would love to visit. Thanks for sharing the info!


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