Sunday, 5 August 2012

Displaying Silk

I purchased some vintage silk while I was in Japan and have now found a way to frame, protect and enjoy it.  I bought an acrylic frame from muji which allows a view of both sides of the fabric, the decorative rightside and the interesting wrongside, with the stitches and pieces of lining.  My photographs are not very good but I'm sure you get the idea.  Now I must go back to watching London 2012, Murray v Federer...

Added 6 August 2012:

1.  Many thanks to sensei Bryan who emailed details of my little piece of silk:

It is a piece of Tegakiyuzen on chirimen.(silk crepe) (Hand drawn yuzen dying.) Probably from Kyoto. I think it from after WWII. Maybe in the 50's as the woven quality of the crepe is very high. It is the shoulder piece from a kimono it seems by the cut marks. It looks like the motif is the seven grasses of autumn.  Very nice piece.
2.  Congratulations to Andy Murray


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  2. Beautiful silk and a lovely way to enjoy it.

  3. wonderful idea and so nice to be able to enjoy a small piece. can the fabric "breath",do you know if there is any deterioration over time due to the close proximity to plastic??

  4. A wonderful way to display your 'boro-boro'!

  5. A very interesting idea. Will check out the website. Now if I only had cupboard tops and benches to display the frame.

  6. What a great way to show off a beautiful piece of silk


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