Monday, 28 January 2013

Emerging Slowly

For the past few days I've been in bed or curled up in a cocoon on the sofa while life has gone on without me, such is the joy of having M.E.  But I am surfacing.  Today I am dressed, well, almost, my woolly poddy trousers are not something I would wear beyond the confines of the house but they are so warm and comfortable.  Like a newsreader behind her desk I look presentable from the waist upwards!
The snow has been washed or blown away by the heavy rain and strong winds we are now experiencing and so I thought I would take a gentle stroll in the garden to see whether there were any signs of life surfacing there.  I was pleased to find a lot has been happening.
Such a collection of exciting promises of things to come, especially the rhubarb crumbles :-)


  1. It's amazing how quickly things in the garden get a move on once the snow is gone.
    Keep warm and get better soon.

  2. It is a wonder what has gone on under all the snow.My Snowdrops are all showing them selves.

  3. I've seen a few daffs coming up in our garden but havn't ventured out to look in any greater detail. It's been freezing today with all that wind. I hope you get back to 'normal' levels of energy soon.

  4. Miserable old ME. Glad that you were feeling well enough to take a turn outside (even if in your 'comfy clothes').

  5. Sorry to hear that the ME gave you a bit of a wallop, glad that you're feeling a bit more with it now

  6. I am surfacing as well, coming from an emotional place of discomfort where I do not want to go back to.
    But I do not have so many promises on my balcony!


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