Sunday, 20 January 2013

Quilting in Front of the Fire - Days 3,4 &5

The wintery weather continues and so does the quilting.  This is how the Wedding Quilt looks this evening as I'm sitting by the fire and listening to the wind blowing a hoolie outside.  It measures 44" square at the moment.  (The colours are more accurate in the bottom pictures, this one was taken with the electric light on).
We bravely ventured out last night through the deep and crisp and even to see Les Miserables at the Kinema in Woodhall Spa.  I'd been looking forward to this film since I saw a trailer last Autumn and it did not disappoint.  I actually felt exhausted with emotion by the end, was sobbing, of course, and felt as if I'd seen a stage show rather than a film.  In fact there was applause at the end of the film and I think some people were seriously hoping for an encore of "Do You Hear the People Sing?"  Highly recommended and I have to admit I was impressed with Russell Crowe, not previously being a fan.
Back to the quilt.  We all know that golden rule of quilting, in fact the golden rule of anything to do with cutting:
Measure twice, cut once.

Well, this is how the lefthand border of the quilt looked yesterday,
and this is how the righthandside looked, spot the difference.  I trimmed to the seam below the one I needed to match - rushing it of course as it was time for lunch.  Yep, we all know better.
If the quilt was for me I would probably have tried matching an extra piece and fitting it in.  As it is a very special quilt I felt this wasn't an option and so I re-made and re-quilted the paisley section of the border.  It's fine now but boy do I feel silly, what an elementary error :-(
Regarding the blocks for the next border, I've found there is a State series and there's one for Florida, there's also a block called Florida Star so now I'm spoiled for choice and won't have to go down the flamingo line (thanks Nat!!).  So blocks are the next step.  Thanks to you all for looking over my shoulder while I'm making this quilt - I just wish one of you had shouted before I cut that border LOL


  1. It is so easy to cut wrongly even when you do take every care. I think the brain gets cocky and says, 'I know what I'm doing, you don't have to worry!' and then the hand and eye don't work together. Whatever, well done for remaking the offending part and it looks wonderful!

  2. It grows arms and legs lol! I can sort of guess how big it it now. Glad you found something for Florida, flamingo is not easy to make either...

  3. Welcome to the Club! Who has not made a (cutting) mistake? By making a mistake we learn to how to rectify a problem, and I am sure a lot of 'professional' quilts have dark secrets.
    So another golden rule is: Don't cut while hungry or planning lunch!
    Good luck in the future. The quilt is growing into a real beauty.

  4. Even when I mark with a template and sew by hand, there are times when pieces don't fit as intended. That is moving along nicely!

  5. The quilt is looking great.It is good you have enough fabric to re make the block but we always have fabric over to put in to our STASH.

  6. oops! never mind at least you have enough fabric to make some more:O)
    The quilt is looking great Lis!

  7. In spite of the cutting error, it looks as though the quilt is coming along great. The snowy days must have been a bonus for you being able to get quite a bit of sewing done

  8. It looks terrific, and I do not know why but it feels so much like 'you'.


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