Tuesday, 1 January 2013

New Year's Day Walk

2013 dawned bright and sunny (just like my lovely friends in Australia and New Zealand told me it did there!) and so it was definitely a day for a walk.  DH and I walked at Ostler's Plantation near Woodhall Spa with DSiL and big GS.  It was fairly muddy underfoot but an interesting walk.

"Ostler's Plantation is named after the agent of Mr John Parkinson, whose abortive attempts to discover coal led to the founding of the Spa. Early in the 19th century, Mr Ostler planted a fir and oak forest in the area, which he purchased from Parkinson when his employer became bankrupt. Most of that original forest was burnt or cut down. 
The walks in the plantation today include parts of the old airfield. The airfield, constructed in 1942, is one of more than 50 that were operational in Lincolnshire during the last war. The taxiways, and many of the bunkers and standings are still intact, though overgrown by bracken, elderberry and bramble."
After all that fresh air and exercise a gentle afternoon was called for.  Reading in front of the fire, cold meat, cheese and pickles for supper.  2013 is good so far.


  1. you didnt have to cook for ten then, after spending the day spring cleaning hubbys cupbaords...time to sew I think..

  2. It looks like a delightful place to amble. There were a few lplaces like that when we lived in Kent and even though it was very cold we often went walking.

  3. Great way to start the year ... but I wish that walk had been closer in my direction.

  4. lovely walk and look at all that lichen! Happy Fibre-y New Year Lis.

  5. Looks like a good start o the year, we replaced the downstairs loo!!


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