Thursday, 15 August 2013

Birthday Number 1 - Silk, Indigo and Chocolate Cake

Not a Festival of Quilts post today but a report on my first birthday celebration.  My birthday is on Saturday but today I met up with DD and DGS, DS and DDiL, plus Al for lunch and a visit to the National Centre for Craft and Design.  For those of you new to my blog, DGS is Sam and you will soon get to know and love him as he features heavily in this blog.
I've never been to the NCCD (blushes with embarrassment as it's almost on my doorstep), but was very impressed.  I was also impressed to see so many young people there, fully engaged with the crafts and various hands-on opportunities.
We started with presents and I had things to give out from lovely Carin.  DS and DD divided the boxes of Wasabi and Red Bean Kitkats between them and the phone/camera was an immediate hit with Sam. Thank you Carin and if Sam starts speaking in Japanese I won't be the tiniest bit surprised.
We explored one gallery and the opportunity to cut and paste was great for Sam (I did warn you that my blog is Sam-heavy).
Lunch was next and a little while later a wonderful chocolate cake (and yes, that is chocolate on Sam's nose):

Then it was time to explore the other galleries and the shop, full of interesting creations by local craftspeople.  There were a couple of pieces that seem to have been exhibited just for me.  To celebrate the 10th anniversary of NCCD nominations were invited for makers and designers "with a great future ahead of them".  I've included the nominations made for the artists I'm showing.
Nao Fukumoto created these two Chidori woven scarves and the yellow kimono:

Masahashi Tsukada used silk thread to create "Seeds" on the wall and "Roots" on the floor:

And there was indigo...  
Louise Anderson created these handprinted pieces on natural linen, "Brush Strokes" and "Circles":
and a Large Triptych Scroll Series in silk, linen and indigo:
Sam was obviously inspired to be arty, look at that professional photograph-taking position:


  1. What a wonderful day and lovely photos to remember it by. Have a Happy Birthday on your birthday day :-) (You're not the queen by any chance are you?)

  2. that last image is just the best. happy birthday. wishing you a wonderful year.

  3. Happy Birthday! I had no idea!
    I am pleased to see you have a young photographer in the family!
    Did the spicy Wasabi Kit-Kat make your eyes water?
    You have some beautiful craft 'on your doorstep'.

  4. Happy Birthday, Lis. wonderful to spread the celebrations out. love the photo of you with cake , the candles are smashing. thanks for the textile pics, very interesting.

  5. Happy Birthday Lis from us down in New Zealand!!

  6. love Sam's photographer pose, looking forward to seeing some more celebration posts!

  7. Hi,

    I've just discovered your blog this week after a visit to the Festival of Quilts had my Mum and I hunting out pictures from the event. Just wanted to say that your little boy Sam (your grandson) is absolutely adorable! Congratulations!
    And many thanks for all the pics of the festival, there were some pictured here that we had missed. :-)



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