Monday, 12 August 2013

Festival of Quilts 2013 - Post 2

Sorry, I didn't get very far with my daily posts from Festival of Quilts.  The wireless in my hotel room was VERY expensive and the free connection was in the bar downstairs, the last place I wanted to be at the end of a long day at the Festival.  Anyway, here I am now, and trying to decide where to start...
Well, I think I need to start with Mandy Pattullo, I was blown away by her work, by the whole ethos of it.  Mandy works in Northumberland and "refashions, re-cycles and reuses very old and often disintegrating quilts into new patchworks."  Her exhibit was entitled "Thread and Thrift" and, of course, it reminded me of boro and the Japanese concept of wabi sabi.

Blue and white quilted dress

Lost and Found

The Blues

Gorgeous eh?  Several of my friends exhibited quilts in the FoQ.  I showed you Janine with her bright take on the date palm in my previous post.  Here are a few more:

Julie Mackinder's, Always the Sea

Carin Saga entered Bellaflora and the miniature Bella Knotty

Ros Peedle entered this quilt made with African fabrics
It was a delight to meet up with friends at the show.  Unfortunately there were some people I knew were there but I didn't see them.  A lot of time was spent chatting, sharing meals/drinks and just enjoying being together and surrounded by quilts and quilty things.  More later.


  1. You are right, 'Thread and Thrift' is similar to the Boro-Boro exhibition we saw at Amuse museum in Tokyo.
    You also found some other, less thrifty quilts, exotic things with African inspiration or over worked with embroidery and beads!!!
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. the quilted dress is wonderful, I love it. was it wearable or a wall piece?

  3. now i thought id seen all the displays, but don't remember any of those!!!! aren't they lovely. i have taken a photo of a similar but darker dress though.

  4. I too missed the Thread and Thrift exhibition, 'tho I was only there for the day. Sorry to have missed this so thanks for photos. I have been piecing a log cabin from Moda's Kasuri collection which is very like the boro quilts fabrics. I have been reading about these and the Amuse Museum in last June's issue of Quilt Mania

  5. Love those Thread and Thrift photos. Very wabi sabi.


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