Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Festival of Quilts - Post 6, The Blues

Is it too late for another post about FoQ?  Have you had overload?  Well, you've had a little break while I've been in Norfolk and celebrating my hmm-hmmph th birthday and I have just two more festival posts in mind.  This one will be about blues and the next one, Post 7, will be about the workshops and lectures I attended and then that'll be it for this year.  I hope you'll bear with me.

So, blues.  Does anyone else notice the themes or colour schemes in the photographs they take of quilts?  I have a definite leaning towards the blues so I've saved them all for this post.  The first two are from the "Beneath the Southern Skies" travelling exhibition:
Kiwi's Nocturne by Monica Johnstone
 and Antipodean Adventure by Debra De Lorenzo
 Mood Indigo by Ruth Hainsworth
caught my eye 
 and the subtlety of Night and Day by Mike Wallace was worth closer inspection
 Julie Mackinder's Always the Sea was a delightful piece
 and Janice Gunner's arashi shibori piece, Umi spoke to me of water too 
(which is clever as I later discovered "umi" is "water")
 Sylvia Hammond's Blue Reflections was inspired by Japanese blue and white.
Next are two inspired pieces.  I love the ethereal pojagi-style
Allegro Ma Non Troppo by Mercè Gonzalez Desedamas.  
It must have been difficult to decide how to display it and it was certainly difficult to photograph it.  Not only did people keep appearing through the sheerness of it but the lightness of the handpainted and dyed organza meant the piece keep wafting about.
 Margaret Ramsay's Transported - Shinkansen
was so clever, summing up those blurred views from train windows.  
Finally, two subdued blue and stone pieces which caught my eye,
Flint Stones by Yvonne Brown
 and another piece by
Margaret Ramsay, Fleet Mudflats
And, still on the blue theme, here's a picture of me "stitching into the breeze" in Norfolk, what a lovely morning I had:


  1. Thank for the quilt photos. Where did you find rock in Norfolk????

  2. Thank you for including me in your review. I was drawn to all these quilts too but hadn't had a close look at Mike Wallace's quilt. I wonder if he had overdyed the 'night' piece? I enjoyed the pojagi style piece too.

  3. Nice to see a little Kiwi flavour there.
    And don't you look happy doing your stitching while hiding amongst the rocks!

  4. Once again thanks for sharing. I almost feel like I've been to the Foq

  5. beautiful blues and some lovely works. great picture of you on a rocky shore.

  6. Trendy bookshops in Sweden sometimes group together books with pink or green covers, regardless of the authors name or the book title.
    I see we can do the same with quilts; report on exhibitions of blue quilts only, ha, ha! I love purple and will go hunting for purple quilts in the future.
    Your selection was great, missed the Shinkansen quilt, but think it is very cleverly made.

  7. Great quilt show Lis, thanks for sharing. It's nice to see you are relaxing in the sun - Hugs Nat

  8. more quilts i missed although i did see some of these. I've got a humph-ty-th birthday in a month, hope i can celebrate as much!!!!


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