Wednesday, 9 October 2013

A Project

Many years ago DD bought me a lovely vanity case which did great service until finally giving up the ghost.  I replaced it with a "free" cosmetics case that came as part of a set from The Body Shop and which has caused frustration ever since as it is not rigid and does not close properly, simply having overlapping flaps on top.
I decided to buy a new, proper, vanity case.  Big problem, I just couldn't find one, "There's no call for them".  I decided it would have to be vintage and searched all the usual suspects, finally finding what looked like an ideal purchase on Etsy, a Samsonite case at £22.  The only problem, it was in America and postage would be £38, hmm.
Last week DH and I decided to go on a jolly to a local antiques centre and I spied this beauty:
It's a good make, Antler, in good condition and doesn't have any "aroma" of past use.  It even has the key for the lock. The case was marked at £12 and I cheekily asked if that was the best price, and got a discount to £11.  Happy bunny.
So, the project I mentioned last week is to "up cycle" my vanity case.  At that price I don't feel obliged to retain the original lining (although it is in good condition, with just the glue becoming brittle and discoloured and the ruching needing re-sticking)
and I am auditioning fabrics to line the case.  I'm considering using Lamifix that I saw demonstrated at FoQ by Empress Mills.   I'll share my progress.


  1. A great find!This is every lady's dream bag!
    I think the resaon they are no longer popular (for air travel) is that you can not easily check them in, and of course you can no longer take them into the cabin, unless they contain no liquid. What would that leave? A hairbrush, a comb, hair pins, cotton balls and your tooth brush, and that plastic zip bag of small bottles...

  2. Great idea and what a find. I love it when you find 'treasure' when you least expect it. Have fun with the revamp. Di x

  3. I had a fab one that was made for my grandmother in Shanghai 70+ years ago, fab, but too big, and really heavy even empty, and 25 years ago I had no thoughts of vintage bring cool, or up cycling stuff, so eventually it got thrown away :-(.


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