Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Progress and Purchases

Here's a progress report on my Northumberland/Hadrian's Wall textile book. I think this page is finished (who knows for sure?) and it was inspired by the flowers we saw, predominantly heather and rosebay willow herb. I had a very relaxing time doing all the stitching on a piece of dyed linen (from Images of Egypt at FoQ).

The next page isn't finished, it will have more stitching and some words. I've never got on very well with transferring photographs to fabric, the surface/texture is always disappointing, but I had to include my little Roman soldier in the book :-) The background is fabric weaving, not pieced.
Today I went for a mooch and happened upon this book for the bargain price of £3. I did a weekend workshop with the author, Richard Box, many moons ago and hesitated to buy the book as it was expensive so I'm extra pleased with buying it today.  Sorry this photo is sideways (still getting to grips with posting from my iPhone).
I am going to save my other bargain for my next post, suffice to say it is a "project" and will need some thought. Now I must away, Sam will be home from school very soon and I promised to take him to the playground. It's such fun being a Nanny :-) 


  1. the pages are marvelous, love the colour of the first one and the little Roman soldier a delight. Jean

  2. Looks like a great book. Will check to see if my library has it - Hugs Nat

  3. I love how the flowers of Hedrian's wall are growing in Egypt! Of course you had to add the Roman soldier.
    It is such a pleasure for us to find a great book bargain, but I am glad I'm not an author and found my book had dropped so in price. Never mind, in a 100 years' time this book will sell at a sky high price at an auction. One of your ancestors will be rich!

  4. Your Northumberland/Hadrian's Wall textile book is going to be amazing. You are so creative. Hopefully I will get to see it when I get over to Sibsey. Di x

  5. Your piece is beautiful, I love the way the stitches follow the pattern. And the book looks promising!


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