Wednesday, 2 October 2013

A Quick Make for Sam

This is not the project I mentioned yesterday but a quick post about something I have finally got around to doing.
When I went to Japan last year I bought some "ready quilted" fabric featuring Anpan Man with the intention of using it to make something for Sam. When he got his iPad I decided a carrying bag would be good use of the fabric. Today I made it. I think I have been having a Japanese day, salmon for lunch and watching NHK World which Saz can receive on her television. As well as the news I have enjoyed programmes about Autumn in Tohuku and a programme about artisans using tatami in new and innovative ways.
I have been reading one of the new books I mentioned a few days ago, 'Colour - a journey' by Victoria Alexander. I haven't got to the chapters on individual colours but the introduction, about colour itself, is thought provoking:
"Colour affects us emotionally and informs us intellectually."
Today it has been raining all day so we won't be going to the park this afternoon, it's as well we had fun there yesterday.


  1. You share your love for Japan with Saz (TV) and Sam (Ampanman iPad case).
    BTW, someone made a nice quilted case for her iPad and the son said: Mum, here you have one of the worlds most advance IT-items, and you make a tea cosy for it'!

  2. Laughing at the above comment. Sam will love his 'tea cosy' Di x


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