Thursday, 3 April 2014

Another Finish

My beach huts quillow is finished, here is a picture of it all folded into the pillow bag. Clever eh?
The pattern was by Anya Townrow and the fabrics were by Makower, all called "Coast"
I called my quilt "Tranquility Restored" in recognition of the terrible damage done by the storms and sea surge at the end of last year and the way the mess has been tidied up and repairs are started. People are even rebuilding on the sites of destroyed properties, such optimism in the forecasts of this being a "once in a century" event. The sea is so calm it is as if nothing happened. 


  1. It's lovely, Lis, and so right for your beach hut.

  2. your right about the repairs, went to mablethorpe at the weekend, could hardly se the sea for the big diggers putting the beach back, that's a lovely cushion liz

  3. Pretty fabric for the quillow cover - do we get to see it unfolded too? Glad that people are rebuilding / sorting everything out.

  4. That's a great project , lovely fabric


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