Thursday, 3 April 2014

Global Piecers' Hearts

It was a good day for post yesterday so I shall write two posts!!

I received two exciting parcels from overseas, one from Japan and one from Australia.

The parcel from Australia was from my Global Piecer friend, Sal.  I knew it would contain a heart block, the final one in the swap, and so I looked forward to deciding how to arrange all the hearts I have received.  But Sal is a pretty generous gal and so the parcel contained not just the heart block (which was fabulous) but loads of other goodies:  fabric, beads, soap, chocolate bunnies (I imagine Sam will help me with those) and a lovely cosmetic purse that Sal made for me.  I love swaps, they're fun to put together, buying and making things you hope your partner will love, and they're fantastic to get.

This swap was for a heart block, of any design or technique.  The block was to be 6.5" in one direction and a multiple of this in the other.  We all indicated our preferred colour palette, mine being:
I would like traditional dusky pinks and dark reds for my heart blocks please, I'm thinking full blown English roses :-)

Having a break coming up soon I wanted to have some hand stitching to take with me.  I started to layout all those heart blocks and, amazingly, I have managed to assemble and layer a wall hanging today and now I have lots of lovely hand quilting to do.  While I am stitching I will be thinking of you lovely Global Piecing ladies, you're great.


  1. I don't see mine in there. Did you not receive them?

  2. It's looking beautiful already. I like the addition of the doily.

  3. What a great arrangement of fab blocks!


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