Saturday, 12 April 2014

Holiday Snaps

I used to love the holidays when I was teaching as it was a much needed time to rest and recuperate, but I think I love them even more now as I get to spend loads of time with Sam during the school breaks.  We've just been at Kellah Farm near Hadrian's Wall for a week, Sam's choice of holiday destination.  We did all the things he wanted to do and had a great time.  Here are a few photos:
Sara and Sam riding on the swing boats at Beamish Open Air Museum.

With Connor (named after one of Sam's friends) the pet lamb.

Sara having her first ever ride on a horse and Sam very confidently showing her what to do!

Inspecting the bath house.

Organising the troops.

Having a not very disciplined moment for a Roman soldier.

Inspecting his flock after a day on duty on The Wall.

And I took a few "arty" shots but didn't manage much stitching - Sara and I were shattered at the end of each day, fit only for eating local fudge and watching DVDs!
I'm having a lazy weekend now as next week we're off to the Boro exhibition at Somerset House.  If you can't wait, Susan Briscoe blogged about it here.


  1. A wonderful time was had by all, I see! Lucky lamb to have found such a good friend in Sam.

  2. Looks like a great break! As school secretary I love hols too! I don't even have to do any planning !

  3. Best holiday you could have with Sam! He looks so happy in all the photos. You are a great grandma Lis - Hugs Nat

  4. I love the look of pure joy on Sam's face riding that horse :-)

  5. fabulous photos, none of grandma? Sam looks delighted with Conner.


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