Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Cactus Star in Winter?

At the May meeting of Country Roads Quilters yesterday I made this block using the foundation piecing method to get those nice sharp points.
This is my first block as a member of the Quilters' Online Book Club run by Starwood Quilter.  
Each month we read the book selected for that month, discuss aspects of it online and then make a quilt block associated with the book.  All of which is optional!  

I think I started in an especially good month as the book we read was Nancy E. Turner's, "These Is My Words:  The Diary of Sarah Agnes Prine".  The story is historical fiction but it is based on the life of the author's great-grandmother.  I was quite sad to have finished this book, I shall miss Sarah Prine and her family. The story of her life in late 19th century pioneer country gave me many insights into the reality of living in that time and place and an admiration for those who did. I desperately wanted to shake her at times but I never envied her the shoes she walked, ran and rode in. I laughed and cried with her.  I think a lot of readers must be feeling the same way as the sequel, "Sarah's  Quilt" has been selected for June's book.

My block is called Cactus Star.  It is a reminder of the Arizona desert and the sunsets and wild plants.  I have decided that each of my blocks for the book club will be done using batik fabrics (I have quite a few and it is never a hardship to buy more), and each will be a star of some sort, linked to the story read that month.

This morning I finished this lovely bag.  I bought a kit from Japan Crafts at Japan Day last Saturday and it was a quick and easy design for a spacious bag that will go over my shoulder or safely across my chest.  The pattern is called Fuyu (Winter) and it used four fat quarters of Japanese cotton.  I think I will be making a few more bags using the same pattern.

P.S.  I don't know why the font I use to write my posts is not always the one that appears when the post is published, or why, sometimes the post is in several different fonts.  If anyone can enlighten me I would appreciate it.  Thank you, Lis x


  1. A beautiful block, love your fabrics! The Quilters Online Book Club sounds like a tremendous idea.

    1. I'm enjoying the book club, Mystic, - any excuse to read AND stitch! Do go and have a look, the more the merrier.

  2. Love the block Lis, I have just bought some batiks to do some strip piecing with, unlike you I didn't have any. I like working with it perhaps a batik challenge in the future, then I can go out and buy some more. Bag looks nice and roomy was it quick to make?

  3. That is a stunning block! The points are so sharp!
    I also like the roomy Japanese bag. It must be great to have as an 'eco-bag' (Japanese for a bag you use for your groceries instead of the super market plastic carrier bags)


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