Sunday, 4 May 2014

Japanese Uchikake

visited Smallburgh St Peter where there is a display of wedding dresses and accessories over the May Day weekend.  I was initially attracted by the promise of seeing this wedding kimono but enjoyed the other items on display too. The pews have been removed from this church which leaves an open, inviting and useful space. 
I finished my slow stitch project from Angela's workshop. You will see I removed some of the pastel pieces of natural dye and added some darker woad, persimmon and also a piece of African fabric from Magie Relph.  I think this selection of colours is more "me". I have made a book cover for the visitors' book at the Bach and am very pleased with it. 
Enjoy the rest if the weekend and May the Fourth be with you :-)


  1. How appropriate! I wore an 'uchikake' some 36 years ago at my wedding. It was HEAVY, and the thick padding made it hard to move around in.
    The 'uchikake' you made for your guestbook at the bach is not as padded but just as stylish in my opinion. Great colours for a retreat by the sea.

  2. I love the layers of colour on the collar and sleeves of the uchikake. the book cover is lovely, it must feel wonderful to hold and great colours.

  3. Both are gorgeous pieces, lovely to see them both x

  4. I don't think I have ever seen an uchikake that heavily embroidered. One wouldn't want to get married on a hot summer day in that one! Book cover is super.


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