Friday, 2 May 2014

Norfolk Open Studios Preview

This morning I visited The Atrium in North Walsham where there is a taster exhibition in advance of Norfolk Open Studios which take place 24th May - 8th June. There was a wide variety of work on display, there is a lot of arts and crafts talent in the area. Here are a few pieces that grabbed my attention. 

Two acrylic seascapes by Kevin Turton, both of Holkham beach. The texture was wonderful as I hope you can see in the two photos of detail below. 
A delicate jacket by Jill Hill with a beaded hem. 

A super drapey handwoven silk scarf by Jenny Rose. 


  1. Oooh, they all look fab, I want to reach into my phone snd touch them!!!'

  2. That is a lot of texture for acrylic paint. He must have gone through a lot of tubes.
    Even a blind person would enjoy those pieces including the fabric ones.

  3. Really must take note of what is happening at the atrium as it's only a short walk from me. I like Jill Hills work.


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