Sunday, 14 June 2015

Blue and White Quilt Progress

This is the bottom quarter of "my" side of the blue and white striped quilt.  
There is less gold and red, more cream, a quieter side, night to day, female to male, yin to yang, to completely mix up my cultures!
If you compare my quilt with the pattern in Selvedge magazine (link a couple of posts back) you will see that I am embracing random while the design that inspired me is anything but!
It looks rather wobbly at the bottom, I blame that on it being pinned to the airing cupboard door for the photograph!  I've had a lot of stitching time over the wet weekend and only have one more quarter like this to piece and then the layering and quilting starts. I visited Camelot Crafts, my LQS, for wadding yesterday and Laurie kindly cut the yardage into four quarters, perfect for 'quilt as you go' for this project and I didn't have to find the floor space to do it.
I'll be at Country Roads Quilters for the first time since January on Tuesday and am really looking forward to catching up with everyone, welcoming a new member and seeing what all the clever ladies are creating. I'll try to remember to take some photographs.


  1. Very pretty, Lis. Can't wait to see it finished.

  2. love your "random" piecing, think I'll have to do the same as many of my dyed fabrics are odd sizes. It is very encouraging to see your work first.

  3. Lovely looking! Enjoy your layering and your Country Roads fun!


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