Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Would You Like to Be A Global Piecer?

It is strange how things work out sometimes.  At the moment I should be absolutely in panic mode, doing the final checks and arrangements for the first Global Piecers' Summit. In fact I am calm and just have to pack my weekend bag for a trip to Spalding with DH.

The idea of the summit came about after one member said she would be visiting UK at about this time and so we decided to see if most of us could get together.  A lot of enthusiasm and an itinerary was born, with a visit to the Springfields Quilt Show this weekend, a workshop with Angela Daymond and then all up to Bridlington for more quilting delight, cake and time together at the Royal Hotel plus a visit to the Quilt Museum in York.  The husbands had their own itinerary!

Anyway, life took over and, one by one, the Global Piecers gave their reasons for being unable to attend.  Initially I was upset, even while understanding their reasons but now, I am relieved beyond belief.  How could I have arranged the summit with everything that has been happening recently?  I haven't even been able to arrange a hair appointment!!  As I say, strange how things work out.

The Global Piecers are having a Summer break (even though some are in Winter) but we will be arranging new swaps and chatting over the Yahoo group pages come September.  It seems a good time to invite new members;  fresh ideas and enthusiasm are always a good thing for any group of people and we have lost a couple of long standing members recently as their passion for quilting became replaced by other creative addictions.  We don't want to be a massive group but a few quilters from anywhere around the world would be very welcome.

The Global Piecers' home page is here:

and I have a page on this blog about our recent swaps (click on the link to the right).

The group is closed, you have to apply to join before you have access to our posts.  This protects our addresses and contact details as well as making members feel confident about sharing their thoughts.


  1. Was life always this busy? From tina

  2. I'm interested in learning more about your Global Piecers group... I too share a love for Japanese textiles and techniques. I live in the USA (Massachusetts). I used to blog under "a quilter by night" but switched over to "wabi sabi quilts". Thanks, Cynthia

  3. Sometimes it's best when things go "wrong" xxxx


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