Sunday, 7 June 2015

Weekend Show and Tell

I've just unpacked my goodies from the weekend and thought I'd share them with you (virtually-speaking, of course).  The haul shown above is from Images of Egypt and there are exciting things to be creative with, including a couple of their amazing £1 offcut bags.

On Friday I attended the Springfields Quilt Show and was impressed with how this small show is developing. The quality of stalls, workshops and displays was much higher than on previous visits.  The catering is still poor but I had time out of the show to visit a local café. The best thing, though, as ever, was the time spent meeting fellow quilters both around the show and on stands.

This quilt, by Kathy Unwin, caught my attention, it really appealed to me for many reasons.
Here's a detail and the label:

I was delighted that Katie Chaplin, of Japan Crafts, was attending the show and had a lovely chat with her as well as selecting some gorgeous fabrics:
I was caught by a member of Country Roads Quilters who said she was "amazed" to find me looking at Japanese fabric!!!

This is not Japanese but it is indigo.
A length of vintage indigo-dyed fabric from a Hmong pleated skirt.  I was also tempted by this quilt hanger, made from wood recycled from looms by Burmese refugees. The carving is traditional but not an original piece.  I spent a long time talking to Beryl Lee on the Karenni Student Development Programme stand, do take a look at (website currently being upgraded but it has a link to their Facebook page).

On Saturday I had a change of pace, spending the day with Angela Daymond at Fenland Textile Studio. I trialled a dyeing idea for her and now have this piece to do something creative with, preferably before Festival of Quilts!  It's dyed with logwood and weld.

There was also a surprise waiting for me at the studio, this stunning baby:
Some research is needed, and some dusting, but isn't she cute?

I hope it was a good weekend for you.  To top it off I think Summer has arrived, we had wonderful weather from Thursday onwards. And, in case you think I ran short of food while doing all this textile stuff, here's dessert from The Black Horse at Gosberton Risegate last night:


  1. Awesome! I so wish I lived closer to you! What fun you are always having! Love and hugs from across the pond!

  2. A feast for they eyes, then a real feast!!!!

  3. I wasn't at the show for very long but I enjoyed what I saw, and meeting you too :-) I liked Kathy Unwin's work too, probably for the same reasons as you. I'm glad you had a good time. Your fabric from Angela is delicious! I shall look out for it at Festival.

  4. OOOh you got some great stuff, Lis. Love that baby machine.

  5. I have at least three of those Japanese fabrics in my stash.
    ... And a good time was had by all....

  6. Wow! What a haul! Bet you're planning to have lots of fun with it all! love your died piece!

  7. ohh! what a fabulous weekend. love it all but that baby machine is a treasure and the Hmong piece is lovely.


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