Tuesday, 12 January 2016

A New Year, A New Toy

Lynda Monk was having a clear out, as we all do at this time of the year.  I am now the excited owner of one of these
although it will be a very long time before I have that many bobbins on my kumihimo maradui.  Here's a short video to show you the basic idea:
I did a little kumihimo weaving when I was in Japan, I've found the posts and then spent quite a while looking back through photographs and feeling very nostalgic for my Indigo Sisters, Bryan, the other lovely people I met in Japan, and the whole experience of the Japanese Textile Study Tour in 2012.

So, one of the things I do this year will be to weave some braids.  Lynda sent me three books of instruction and inspiration too and I shall look forward to my first opportunity to go shopping for threads!  I remember enjoying the rhythmic "click, clack" of the bobbins when I was in Japan, so soothing although a lot of concentration is required.

I am currently trying to decide whether to commit to the Contemporary Group's Journal Quilt challenge again this year.  The quilts are to be larger, 8"x10" portrait, and there are rules concerning colours.  I am pondering.  Other exciting happenings include the quilt we are making at Country Roads Quilters which will be entered in FoQ this year and the current techniques swap we are having at Global Piecers, foundation piecing this month.  There's a lot to look forward to, plus a forecast of snow later this week, finally it might be Winter!


  1. Life sounds very busy for the coming year, Lis, should be fun. I was thinking about the JQs too, it's several years since I did them. Still thinking.

  2. Certainly a time worth remembering - our time with Bryan. what a lucky girl. The click clack of those bobbins was mesmerising. Not the same when you use bread tags. I heard a rumour Bryan was travelling to Australia later this year - would be great to catch up.

  3. Dear Liz, I was up late last night showing the Finnish guy at my house how to braid with just eight bobbins. He wants to braid up all the indigo striped kite thread we usually waste from pole wrapping. Enjoy your new toy. Look at pictures of the old samurai armour and you can see how they ingeniously held all the parts together with ski threads.....then think of clunky metal armour.

  4. Dear Lis, sometimes I am nostalgic too about our too short stay in Fujino. It is one of the best memories I have.

  5. I have s plastic one on my wish list, but I LOVE the wooden one - I didn't realise it was an old technique!


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