Sunday, 17 January 2016

Journal Quilts 2016

Decision made!  I have signed up to take part in the Journal Quilt Challenge 2016 with the QGBI Contemporary Group.  So, here are the challenge rules:

1.  One JQ for each month.
2.  8" x 10" portrait format.
3.  Include an area not less than ½" square of a set colour, this must be included as a whole, not cut up and used in several areas.
January - April a little bit of purple
May - August a little bit of green
September - December a little bit of orange

I have to say it was the colour rule that made me hesitate about signing up, I'm fine with green but don't usually work with either purple or orange.  So it's a case of the "outside my comfort zone" thing.

My own guidelines will include working with textured fabrics and silks, including hand stitching and some new techniques (new to me that is) and I would like to have an outline design for the year in mind so that the journal quilts sit together as a whole eventually.  So it's a case of finding some purple fabric and watching this space......could indigo be described as purple?!!!


  1. good for you, can't wait to see each month. Orange is my downfall. For purple use indigo and top dye it with cochineal or lac or logwool/alum on its own. Madder/alum will give you a lovely orange on silk

  2. I have both purple and green on my kimono silks collection. More than happy to send you some pieces, Lis. I have used quite a lot of those two colours in the last few years. Good luck with your deliberations, but most of all enjoy

  3. If they are to work together, could you have green orange and purple in all of them?


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