Friday, 15 January 2016

Sew Early for Christmas

Yesterday and today I've had a bit of a production line going.  I have decided that I would like to do more work using silk fabrics and to use fabrics of differing textures to add another dimension to my work.  Inspired by the work of my quilt guru, Teresa, I thought I'd start with a Christmas tree in folded patchwork.  So I made a pile of these.

Then I tweaked them a little to get the points as sharp as I could, pressed them and added some beads.

With the addition of more beads and a ribbon to hang the decoration up, ta dah! Now all I have to do is remember where I put it when Christmas comes around.


I'm sure you know how to make these little folded decorations but here's a quick tutorial for anyone who doesn't.  Using cotton patchwork fabric will give you a neater, more accurate finish, I was using a variety of silk fabrics with differing weights and textures.
1.  Sew two contrasting equilateral triangles
of fabric together right sides together, leaving a
small gap, turn to right side, slip stitch the opening.

2.  Fold each point to the centre and stitch in place.
3.  Turn work over and stitch the centre point
of each open side to the mid point.
4.  Stitching finished, tweak the fabric
into place - 
5.  and press.


  1. Lis these look do good in silk, the shine on the silk is great.Teresa

  2. Lis these look do good in silk, the shine on the silk is great.Teresa

  3. They look really lovely Lis. Thank you for the instructions.

  4. love the silk textures, you are certainly getting started early. make a note in Dec. on your desk calendar where you store it - remind you that you have it and where! I'm starting on small gifts to take to Fujino in April.

  5. This looks really good, Lis. I received one of them from Teresa withy prayer flag at Chriatmas and have been wondering about their construction. Thanks for sharing the instructions . Have fun with your decision making - a real challenge.

  6. Stunning! Thanks for the tute too- I love the idea of getting a head start on Christmas whilst it's still fresh in your mind (but lack the necessary commitment to actually do it myself!). xx

  7. We made these before Christmas too - I haven't finished my tree though!


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