Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Adventures in Food

It has been said that we seem to "eat our way around New Zealand" and I have taken fewer foodie photos on this trip but here are just a few to tempt your taste buds.

This is me enjoying fish and chips, blue cod to be precise, in the Queenstown sunshine.  In the background you can see the Remarkables mountain range.

Then we had a very foodie day in Kaikoura, starting with lunch (garlic scallops) at this roadside stall.  Apparently it was featured in Lonely Planet a little while again and while we were there photographers from Bon Cuisine magazine were taking lots of arty photos for a feature this time next year.  We just hope fame doesn't change them at the Kaikoura Seafood BBQ.
Later on Al took me out to dinner at Tuti's in Kaikoura, a recommended restaurant that advertises itself as serving Indonesian/Singaporean/New Zealand Cusine - quite a fusion!  Anyway, we had a lovely meal - here you can see my satay prawns and Al with his fish of the day which was a dory and mmmm.

On our way back to Terry's we had to stop at the Prawn Farm near Taupo and have our kilogram of prawns with sweet chilli sauce, just sweet, delicious and a lot of fun to eat!

This final picture would have been of a pancake stack with berries and honey at the Landing Cafe at Lake Tarawera but something much more exciting was happening out on the water.  Like something out of a different time (until they were close enough for us to see the lifejackets) we watched a Maori waka being paddled ashore.
Another meal that didn't get photographed was the Bluff Oysters and chips that I had in a chip shop in Timaru.  The oysters in a plastic pot, the chips in paper....a surreal and delicious meal!

And finally there have been some very good platefuls of French Toast to be enjoyed!  This one was the culmination of our food eating in Kaikoura before we travelled up the magnificent SH1 along the coast to Blenheim.


  1. Yummy, I feel hungry now and there's still 2 hours til lunch!

  2. That's some yummy looking French Toast, Lis! Joan in the USA

  3. you and Al sure had a delicious foodie experience. Love Katrina


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