Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Some South Island Photos

Photos as promised now that we're back at Terry's and can spend time sorting them out on his computer!  Firstly, above, Fox Glacier.  This is on the West Coast of South Island and we had some great views once we'd braved the stepping rocks to cross the river (which had lumps of ice floating in it).

Near Fox Glacier is Lake Matheson that gives those amazing reflections of the surrounding mountains that you see on all the postcards.  Our views were a little cloudy but still very impressive I think.

This is Al perched above Wanaka and the surrounding hills.  I imagine it might be a bit greener soon but most of NZ is still experiencing drought conditions and the grass is very dry and brown.

This photo and the following few are all in Doubtful Sound.  Thank goodness for digital cameras as I was able to take literally hundreds of photos and when we get home I'll sort them out properly and maybe delete one or two!

It's strange but photos don't capture the scale of all these things.  We thought we knew what to expect in the fjords as we'd seen pictures but it didn't prepare us for the majesty of it all and the "awesomeness"!

These next photos were taken on the Milford Road.  This is an adventure in itself with many places to stop for short walks or long treks, lakes, waterfalls and wonders of nature.  There is also the Homer Tunnel, carved right through the rock to pass through.  The road ends up at the famous Milford Sound which is the most visited of the fjords because of its accessibility.

So finally for today, below is Milford Sound and the Mitre Peak.  We enjoyed glorious sunshine here and it was incredibly busy - quite a contrast to the solitude on Doubtful Sound but still wonderful.
Apologies for having my sweater tied around my waist Mummy :)


  1. Have enjoyed your photos Lis, as I mentioned earlier , the Southern Lakes and Fiordland are my favourite part of NZ. Note you didn't get the dead tree in the photo from Wilmont pass!!! that's almost an icon

    Take care

  2. Great photos - very dramatic scenery. i love the reflection photo very much.
    Teresa x

  3. Dear Lis & Al, Many thanks for the photos which can be sorted when you arrive back in the U.K.
    They, the media , are trying to apportion blame for delays in air travel etc.
    Mummy mentioned that the indigenous people of N.Z. were granted land rights yesterday.
    Not much change on the volcano ash problems from Iceland so enjoy your winter in N.Z.Perhaps you will be offered a berth to come home on. That will take another 20days cruising.
    You are lucky to have a waist to tie your jumper round.
    Enjoy the remainder of yuor holiday. Give our kind regards to Terry.
    Love A&Dxxx

  4. There's only one word for it isn't there...awesome


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