Friday, 9 April 2010


We are making our way northwards but still have sightings of snow - on Mount Cook today as we came across from Queenstown to Lake Tekapo.  Tomorrow I am going to the exhibition part (oh, and the shopping part) of the quilt show in Timaru and hoping to meet up with Yvonne and the lovely ladies I met in Picton.  On Sunday I am doing a miniature quilt workshop.  The weather is still gorgeous and forecast to last for a few more days at least so I hope Al will find something lovely to do on Sunday. 
We enjoyed our brief visit to Queenstown, a very, very busy place but with loads to do - not all involving leaping off or out of things.  We actually spent our day yesterday tracking down the locations of some of the photos in a 1930 photo album of somebody's trip to NZ.  We bought it at an antique auction a couple of years ago and it's been a little mission.  We had a successful day so I might eventually "write the book".  I think we would like to spend more time in the Queenstown area, not necessarily in the town itself, on another visit.  We keep thinking that.  Even though we've been so fortunate to have three months for our trip it just seems to go so quickly.  I suppose we're doing more here and seeing more than we have done at home!  We keep querying things about previous trips too.  It's all very well keeping holiday diaries, I need to have them with me on subsequent trips!
We've just heard the General Election is to be on 6 May, now there's a surprise!  Of course we'll just miss it so whoever gets in, it's not our fault.
Love to you all xx


  1. Back to busy, busy, lissy by the tone of your recent report. Al can find plenty of good wine and food to occupy himself whilst you are knitting & weaving with the workshop lasses at the weekend. Time flies when you are having fun. Just think how lucky you are not to be tuned into political T.V. for the next month. We have kept away from Party Political Prop.... leaving ourselves just rubbish to watch on the other stations,so what's new!!! Continue having fun.Love A&Dxxx

  2. It all sounds very good. Not quite so jealous now as the weather here is wonderful. I hope you enjoyed the workshop. I'm in to doing smaller things at the moment, great fun. Love to you both

  3. Hi both
    we're back from a super time in Cornwall to catch up with all your news. It seems as if you're pioneering the 25 hour day and 8 day week with all the adventures you're having. Al when Lis goes quilting, see if you they will serve you coffee and brownies as per Deland!

    Do continue to enjoy yourselves. We've only been home for a few days and we're already suffering from election fatigue. Your timing was impeccable.

    Looking forward to seeing the piccies.

    Lots of love C & D



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