Thursday, 15 April 2010

Bye Bye South Island

It's nearly time to leave South Island and head back towards the north.  We are just visiting a last couple of wineries....
We have had such a brilliant time in South island and it has been stunning, scenery and weatherwise and in all the lovely people we've met and the things we've done.  Can you believe it has been sunny for the past 12 days?  Kiwis don't believe we had all that sunshine in Fiordland.  (It's not sunny there anymore, they've had a lot of rain in the past few days).  Don't panic about me doing loads of stuff by the way.  You only get to read about the highlights but we try to have at least one lazy day for every active day, often more.  It just doesn't make very good blog copy to write
" up late, had breakfast.....sat in the sunshine and read my book......had a cup of some more and thought about lunch..... " 
I have had one really bad day and several dodgy mornings (is anyone pregnant only I've been having sympathetic morning sickness?!!) but apart from that I've been doing well and my twisted back thing is now okay too.
We had a lovely time in Kaikoura after the Quilt Symposium in Timaru and reverted to type with eating our way around NZ!  There are photos of plates of food to entertain you with when we get back to Tel's next week.  We started with scallops by the side of the road, then an Indonesian restaurant and finally a 10/10 French Toast breakfast the next morning, with fudge with our coffee, yum. 
We also had some great wildlife spots.  The fur seals were enjoying the sunshine and the pups were playing in the rock pools, very cute.  Then we saw dusky dolphins, just from the roadside.  Absolutely amazing, there were literally hundreds, it was like the sea was bubbling with them swimming, leaping and twisting.  Another on the "awesome" list.  We gave a young German hitch hiker a lift to Blenheim yesterday and he had been swimming with the dolphins the previous day and had a wonderful time.
Time's up on the library computer so I'll sign off and be in touch again when we get to the frantic and densely populated North - only 1 million here in SI compared with 3 million in NI.
Love and hugs.


  1. It seems ages since we heard from you and pleased to hear that you are still enjoying N.Z. Not to be outdone we have just returned from the estuary watching the tide come in whilst tucking into plates of seafood delights at No.1 The Cockle Sheds. Later strolling along the waters edge we were entertained by a Labrador exercising in the water.
    Have fun. Love A&Dxx

  2. Well it's not me who's pregnant....! (Although Clare, Blue, and Laura have all announced their latest expectations this month - must be a couple of months since Valentine's Day!!!)
    Glad to hear you are taking it easy as well as enjoying yourselves, very brave to pick up a hitch-hiker though, I assume it's not illegal in NZ....!
    Love you lots xxx


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