Sunday, 30 January 2011

Happy Birthday Sam

This is my lovely grandson on a walk with his grandad a few days ago.  Today is his third birthday - Sam, not Grandad!  Happy Birthday my scrumptious one.  He is such a joy and so full of life, it's hard to remember he
was born, by emergency Caesarian section, a month premature, has Down's Syndrome and was born with a hole in his heart and in need of an operation on his little tummy.  He's a fighter that's for sure.
I was planning to be cutting my new quilt out today, the fabrics are all washed and pressed and ready to become "Round and Round the Nara Garden" - working title.  I feel very weary so have decided not to risk ending up with a lot of pieces of fabric the wrong size!
I had a tiring day yesterday but it was a good day.  Al and I drove to Elton to meet DS and his GF at the Loch Fyne Restaurant there.  We'd not met GF before and so were quite nervous and on best behaviour - I was trying not to ask about colours for a double wedding ring quilt, you know the sort of thing!  Anyway, she is absolutely lovely, really easy to talk to, pretty, she and David complement each other well and are very comfortable together, excellent, and a delicious lunch too!  So I did a happy dance.
Today I'm taking it easy instead of sewing.  I had an hour by the window watching the birds for the RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch.  The sparrowhawk put in an appearance (which rather put pay to other birds sitting around for a while) and we have far more house sparrows and starlings here than the average for the country.  On the downside no greenfinches were to be seen, the long-tailed tits must have been getting their breakfast elsewhere and the chaffinch didn't turn up until after I'd done the count!  It's lovely to feed and watch the birds though, one of life's simple pleasures.
Hoping you're all enjoying your Sunday.

PS two members of Global Piecers (Teresa and I) have decided on the photos for the starting point for our Landscape Challenge Quilt.  Please have a look and share your thoughts.  Thank you.


  1. Happy Birthday to Sam. I hope he has a wonderful day. What a cutie.

  2. Happy Birthday to Sam and ofcourse to you all! Enjoy the little one!! I also love my Gchildren very much!!!
    And it's so good to see your sun finding the love of his life..... :)
    Enjoy your blessings!!

  3. Happy Birthday Sam and hugs from us here in NZ!
    Sending a hug your way too Lis, hope your energy return soon, remember spring is just around the corner!

  4. What a happy chap. He certainly looks the picure of health now!
    It's not easy meeting a child's BF or GF but I always think it must be much more difficult for them to meet me and OH (not that we're diffucult too get on with - know what I mean!) My 2 have wonderful partners and all 6 of us are going out this Weds for DD's 25th. Can't wait!!
    Teresa x

  5. Happy birthday Sam! 3 is a great age :) It's amazing how quickly they grow and change.


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