Sunday, 2 January 2011

To Do List Item One - Ticked

I have completed the first item on my new year to do list.  I'm pretty impressed with that!  I tried to make the edge of the quilt wiggly to tie in with the theme of this little quilt that was started at a workshop with Magie Relph and it ended up straighter than my intentionally straight edges usually are!

So now I can cross this quilt off my list
  1. Quilt and finish Wiggly Nine Patch
  2. Complete Sampler Quilt
  3. Japanese Round and Round le Jardin Quilt
  4. Ongoing projects:  kanzashi, Global Piecers swaps, BQLPC
and add a new project to the list.
  1. New Zealand projects
You can see the fabrics I bought in New Zealand here and I have to say it surprised me to look back at the post and remember some of those fabrics and what I planned to create with them! 

I've also just signed up for a wonderful BOM project, like I need more projects to do :)  I just couldn't resist, go and have a look at what Jenny's offering in her wonderful "Give Thanks" BOM.

Before any of that though I have to finish my Lynne Edwards' sampler quilt...

This morning we went to the coast for a bracing walk,
followed by a great cup of well deserved coffee at the Gibraltar Point visitor centre.  Home now and off to the sewing room!  Have a relaxing Sunday afternoon and I hope you keep warm and dry, or cool, depending where you are :)


  1. That quilt looks good Lis. I like the Elefantz stitchery too.

  2. One off the list already, thats hardly fair Lis, but well done you. If only I was that focused at the moment. I love the photo of your daughter and young Sam snuggled up under the quilt, he is such a wee cutie. Looks like you have had a wonderful christmas with family. Now that I have fund you I' ll be back.

  3. You sure didn't waste any time getting started. So I guess it won't be long till we see another finished project, right?

  4. Way to go girl! The quilt looks fabulous, I think I can make out a wiggly edge... and that beach looks very inviting I bet you had a nice fresh brisk walk!

  5. I love the English dad says its Brisk and it mean it is bloody freezing, bracing to me would mean it was almost like Antarctica!! LOL

    PS Beautiful quilt...well done to be ticking off your list so soon!

  6. Nice quilt and even better that it is off your list. Jenny has wonderful ideas and such a pretty style.

  7. Oh that beach does look cold! Very different to my beach photos on my blog. I read today that this summer in New Zealand is the warmest on record since 1900s. I suppose it has to be to balance out all the cold over the your side of the world. I wonder if the weather will ever calm itself down and go back to normal for both of us?


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