Friday, 21 January 2011

Walking in the Sunshine

Today it's been very cold, but sunny.  Ideal for wrapping up warmly and going for a little walk with GS Sam.
He walked better than I did!
I'm all ready to take it very easy this evening with a gentle FNSI.  DH is just fetching fish and chips and then I'll put on my cosy red dressing gown and be ready to make a few kanzashi brooches and work on my sampler quilt.  Photos in the morning. 

Oh and just before I go, Jessica posted a design quiz. 
I came out as,
Results: You most resemble a "California Country".
Cozy… not oversized - a hand crafted gem. Your kitchen is your prize. Decorative, finished… elegant. A tailored bedroom rewards a hard day's work. Art that definitely does not match the sofa. An Asian asthetic intrigues your dinner guests. The graceful ceremony of sharing. 1,000's of hours of handcrafted detail provide your decorative foundation. Wild and crazy days in your wonderful home..
Suspected "California Country"
- Sandra Bullock
- Harrison Ford
- Jeff Bridges

I'm not sure how accurate that all is but it was fun!  Have a good FNSI everybody.

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