Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Embroidery Challenge for 2012

Deanna at Eclectic Meanderings has alerted me to a stitching challenge that starts in January and looks very exciting. 
It's called Take a Stitch Tuesday and is being organised by Sharon B at Pintangle and what's more, it's free!  I'm going to sign up and try to keep up as I'm getting more interested in embroidery to embellish my work and know there is more to it than cross stitches, French knots and some long straight stitches that gather my work up!  I might not be able to manage every challenge but I'm going to give it a go. 
Why not pop over and have a look for yourself?  All the details are here.  See you at TAST 2012?


  1. so happy you signed up Lis. i look forward to learning some new stitches.

  2. That's why I started my blog a few years back, taking part in the Take a Stitch Tuesday. I did keep up for a few months until work took over and I lagged even further behind, but I still have some of my samples. I also joined the flickr group pool too, wonder if any of my work is still there? I think it was back in 2007

  3. I've been following Pintangle for a long time and couldn't decide if I wanted to join in. Now I have so it will be fun doing something to gether.
    Loved the pics of Sam stirring, one happy chappie.

  4. tina from sweetypie23 November 2011 at 22:48

    ooh yes!!! thanks for that, just signed up,cant wait...

  5. It looks good Lis. Sharon B is one embroidery Queen Down under. Don't forget to look at her stitch dictionary when you are on her website - Hugs

  6. Thanks for letting us know about this - I've signed up too!


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