Thursday, 17 November 2011

Tasty Fractals or Cauliflower Cheese

We've just had a very tasty lunch of cauliflower cheese adapted from the Hairy Bikers' recipe which was on television a couple of evenings ago.  I used a trendy Romanesque cauliflower which looks like something from outer space but is grown locally.  Here's some information and another recipe for using it.
With the addition of mushrooms and crispy bacon plus a tasty cheese sauce on top it was a very warming lunch which I enjoyed even though I'm not at all keen on cauliflower!
I steamed the cauliflower florets for a few minutes and dry-fried the bacon until crispy and broke it into pieces.  I then fried the chestnut mushrooms in the bacon fat and put all three ingredients together in an ovenproof dish.
Next I made a bechamel sauce and added some grated Lincolnshire Poacher cheese (very strongly flavoured) and a little grated nutmeg.  This was poured over the cauliflower mix and topped with grated cheese and fresh breadcrumbs.  35 minutes later in the oven (190C) and it was bubbling and crispy.
I've just found some interesting websites discussing the mathematics of Romanesque cauliflowers, Clifford was so blown away with his that he couldn't bring himself to eat it and John's thesis might even lead to a quilting project one day, enjoy!


  1. Sounds rather yummy to me, what a nice warming lunch!

  2. MMMMMM sounds yummy! And the veggie looks like it's from outer space! Thanks for sharing this.

  3. It's making me feel hungry... lunch is still 2 hours away, Lol

  4. The cauliflower doesn't interest me at all, but the maths of vegetables I'm going back to! My fabric arrived today, thank you so much :-)

  5. I was recently reading something else on Fibonacci Spirals but yours looks much more edible. Oh and that cheese I can just taste it with the bacon....we don't get lovely cheese like that is this country. The boys and I have been raising silk worms this month, I remember doing it when I was a child and I saw some at the markets so we got some. They went into cocoons straight away so I didn't get any photos but I am saving the eggs in the fridge for after summer so will do a blog write up about them then. They are so cool!

  6. It looks very yummy! I am not one for cauliflower, but I can't say not to bacon. Must try it one day - Hugs Nat

  7. It always amuses me when you two have cauliflower cheese, given that you don't like cauliflower and Al doesn't like cheese! Why bother?? :p


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